ONE - A look ahead to 2018!

Happy New Year!

The entire team at ONE would like to thank all of our associates for their continued trust and confidence in our company. We are very proud of what we do and especially of who we are.

As 2018 gets underway, we look forward to continuing to forge strong, long term partnerships and to strengthening the ONE promise of delivering 100% client satisfaction and unrivalled usability.

We wish you all the very best for 2018!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from YachtCloud

The YachtCloud Team would like to wish you a Very Happy New Year!

We would like to thank all our clients, industry contacts and colleagues for their continued trust and confidence in our company. It is with sincere appreciation that we look forward to a year ahead filled with innovation, truly unique products and delivering great experiences for each and every customer.

Our company, team and products have all contributed to making 2017 the successful year that it was and we are ready to embrace the opportunities and developments of 2018!

And the winner is...


We are delighted to announce that we have a winner for the "Challenge YachtCloud” Think Tank which started at METS 2017 and ran until Friday 8th December 2017. The lucky winner is soon to be the recipient of a set of high quality Bowers and Wilkins Noise Cancelling PX Headphones.

What was the Think Tank?

All of our products are developed for the specific needs of superyachts and are aimed at improving life on board for owners and guests and increasing productivity and efficiency for crew. Our team is made up of best-in-class engineers and software specialists who lead the field in technology and delivering innovative products. So we invited the industry to put us to the challenge with the actual onboard problems they face in terms of technical systems, inefficient processes and time consuming tasks to see if we could use our experience and knowledge to help find a better solution.  If we didn't already have a product that met their specific needs then we added the problem to our Think Tank.  Furthermore, entering an idea put the entrant in with a chance of winning a set of Bowers and Wilkins PX Headphones - a little something to bring the winner peace and quiet on board and whilst traveling.

What happened next?

All of the ideas entered have been reviewed by our development and sales teams to look at which concepts could provide the most unique, usable and useful products. They have also been reviewed in line with our current products to see if these can be linked to existing products as modules, add-ons and extensions or whether they could be developed as a viable product and solution in their own right. We are very excited about some of the entries we have had. They range from solutions aimed at improving interior processes and onboard guest experiences to technical AV challenges linked to access, security and system management. Several of the ideas will now be explored further by our development teams and research will be carried out.  However, we promised a winner of course and after some deliberation we have reached a decision…

As this is all about incubating ideas and cultivating solutions to meet specific needs we have decided not to name the winner in person in public in case they would rather have the nature of their concept remain private.  What we can say is that the winning idea is linked to Guest services and Guest preferences and our development team are now in the swing of further investigating the concept!

Good Idea.jpg

For the winner…

We will be in touch directly and the headphones will be on the way to you shortly.

For the all entrants…

Thank you very much for taking the time to Challenge Yacht Cloud. It is your ideas and feedback that ensure we continue to deliver products developed to meet specific industry needs. It is your interaction that helps us to focus on the details, keep innovating and develop truly unique products. 

On behalf of the entire YachtCloud Team, thank you for the challenge and congratulations to the winner!

Looking Back at METS 2017 and Forward to new Ideas

YachtCloud METS 17.jpeg

It is with great pleasure that we are able to look back on a what was an incredibly successful and enjoyable METS last week. A very busy 3 days over which we had a chance to catch up with acquaintances old and new and showcase our product range with Omniyon proving to be the star of our show. 

We would like to thank everyone who came to visit us, contributing to a successful week in Amsterdam. For those who have requested further information or came to us with specific enquiries we will be in touch shortly. If you require a more urgent follow up or were unable to visit us but would like more information please get in touch. Once again, thank you!

Plus - It’s not too late

Following on from the success of our recent "Challenge YachtCloud" at last week's METS we have decided to extend our Think Tank for a little longer!

So why not put us to the test to come up with a solution to make your life onboard easier. Better still, it puts you in with a chance of winning a pair of Bowers & Wilkins PX noise cancelling headphones! A little something to bring you peace and quiet on board and whilst you are traveling.


You now have until Friday 8th December to submit your ideas and the winner of the Bowers & Wilkins PX Headphones will be announced on Friday 15th December.

What's involved?

  • Are you faced with an onboard task or process which is time consuming and inefficient?
  • Is there something on board where you think there must be an easier solution?
  • Do you experience recurring issues or challenges with your onboard AV and IT systems?

All of our products are developed for the specific needs of superyachts and are aimed at improving life on board for owners and guests and increasing productivity and efficiency for crew. We are always looking for new ways to bring unique solutions to help solve actual onboard problems. So why not put us to the challenge...

If we don't already have a product that meets your needs, we will add the problem to our Think Tank. All of the ideas will be reviewed and the winning idea will be the one which is considered to be the most unique, useful, viable and potentially aid life on board through the use of technology. 

To submit your idea to our Think Tank, please click here.




Luxury Hospitality Management appointed as key product partner for YachtCloud’s LaundryBoard

LH and YC.jpeg

YachtCloud is delighted to announce the appointment of Luxury Hospitality Management, known as LH, as a key product partner for their recently launched product LaundryBoard.

LaundryBoard, a product developed together with yacht interior crew, facilitates the monitoring, tracking and handling of onboard laundry loads. It is an easy to use programme operated via an iPad enabling crew to manage, log and track every item of yacht and guest laundry. LaundryBoard records and alerts crew to garment care requirements as well as providing dry cleaning status tracking and automated notifications related to overdue items. It is a truly fit-for-purpose solution that meets actual onboard demands. It ensures  Management has easy access to clear and concise reporting data and provides crew with highly functional software to make day to day operation more efficient.

LH are the leading industry experts in the field of 7* hospitality training and consultancy for staff and crew in the superyacht industry, high-end cruise sector, boutique hotels and domestic estates. Formerly known as IYS BV, LH has been co-founded by Peter Vogel and Henk Akse. Peter is renowned within these industry sectors for his commitment to the professional development of crew and interior operation. Henk, a former chief engineer on Shell tankers, is experienced in start-ups in the maritime industry with a focus on the human factor and has held (Non-)Executive Director positions at a number of maritime multi-nationals. The company focuses on delivering unrivalled guest satisfaction and the highest level of luxury hospitality training. In addition they work with Captains and Management companies to establish on board department and managerial processes and provide structured team evaluation to ensure optimum performance.  

LaundryBoard will be available to purchase directly from LH and as a key product partner, they will be offering this YachtCloud solution as part of their products and services. By working together, both YachtCloud and LH can ensure that customers have access to yacht-specific products that serve to improve life on board for owners and guests by increasing productivity and efficiency for crew. Both companies will be at next week’s METS Trade Show in Amsterdam and LaundryBoard will be on display on the YachtCloud stand in the SuperYacht Pavilion, stand 10.707.

“We are very excited to be working in partnership with LH. Their direct communication with interior crew, their first hand knowledge of onboard demands and their dedication to improving and facilitating onboard experiences make them the ideal product partner for LaundryBoard.” Roel van der Zwet, Commercial Manager, YachtCloud.

“LaundryBoard is a natural fit with the products and services we offer. It enables better communication, easier management and improved efficiency for interior crew and staff and that absolutely reflects the values and goals we strive for. This is an exciting opportunity and we are looking forward to working with YachtCloud and LaundryBoard.” Peter Vogel, Co-Founder, LH.



More information on LaundryBoard is available here.

LH provides support in the development of efficient and effective crew members and teams on board with the objective of creating continuous 7* experiences for owners and guests.

To find out more about LH please go to: To meet with LH during METS, please contact: Martine van der Velde-O’Brien, Customer Engagement Manager, by phone:  +31(0)646081660 or Email

Demonstrations of LaundryBoard will be available on the YachtCloud stand at METS, 10.707. 


YachtCloud Launches TrueSync

Smart, reliable and fast Email for Superyachts

YachtCloud, technology and media-hosting specialists for the superyacht and yachting industries, are delighted to announce the launch of TrueSync - a truly unique Email solution capable of meeting the digital demands of superyacht owners. TrueSync joins YachtCloud’s growing range of innovative products and professional services for AV and IT systems. 

Why is there a need for a yacht-specific Email solution?

Typical yacht email installations consist of one server, based either on board or on shore. Every time the Captain or a crew member connects to their email they need to connect to this one server, whether that is from shore to yacht or yacht to shore. High volumes of email traffic, use and communication put significant strain on the internet / data connection which is of particular importance for the yacht. Valuable connection data needs to be allocated to the email traffic resulting in it not being available for other technical system requirements. This can be inefficient, not cost effective and makes the sending and receiving of emails slow.

How is TrueSync different?

TrueSync consists of two email servers: one on board and one on shore. Both servers are fully and securely synchronized 24/7, using what is known as an Active-Active sync feature. This feature is unique to TrueSync and therefore no other email solution guarantees this. When an email is sent from the yacht, the shore server handles the distribution. When an email is sent from shore, the yacht server distributes it to the necessary devices. Neither server is unnecessarily taxed and bandwidth connection usage is kept to a minimum.

What are the advantages?

TrueSync delivers and receives emails faster. It saves on bandwidth. It is secure. Emails are filtered for spam and viruses before they get to the yacht. It is reliable and the full synchronization guarantees optimized back ups. It ensures that the onboard connection is used efficiently, without interfering with bandwidth needed for additional onboard services.

The unique Active-Active sync feature of TrueSync guarantees a smart, fast and reliable Email set-up making it the best fit for the maritime industry. Further features include:

  • True Yacht-Shore database level email synchronization
  • Seamless encrypted connection to all devices on shore and yacht
  • No user interaction required when switching from yacht to shore
  • Full database replication
  • Shore-based spam filtering
  • Virus Check
  • Secure and fully encrypted datalink between yacht and shore
  • VSAT connection not required to receive mail when on shore
  • Receive email on board using any of the available internet connections
  • Optimized use of bandwidth
  • Results in enhanced owner and guest experience of other internet based services

“We are always looking for yacht-specific solutions to improve the onboard experience. Innovations that use proven technology to address actual onboard problems and that offer a reliable and much-needed solution. TrueSync is a great example of a product that really does offer superyacht owners something better. A solution that really can meet onboard demands, solve email related issues whilst providing additional resulting benefits for other technical system requirements,”  explains Andre Klepper, YachtCloud Founder.



YachtCloud to launch new product at MYS 17

Coming Soon.jpeg

At this year's Monaco Yacht Show we will be launching a brand new product: TrueSync - Smart Yacht-Shore Email for Superyacht Owners.


A truly unique Email solution capable of meeting the digital demands of superyacht owners.

Sneak preview:

  • True Yacht-Shore Email Synchronisation
  • Seamless connection to shore server when leaving yacht
  • Single address
  • Full database replication
  • Shore-based spam filtering
  • VSAT connection not required to receive mail when on shore
  • Receive email on board using any of the available internet connections

For more information contact us or visit us at MYS 17, Stand DSE 8

Visit YachtCloud at Monaco Yacht Show

YC MYS Banner 1.jpeg

From Wednesday 27th - Saturday 30th YachtCloud will be exhibiting at the Monaco Yacht Show.

In addition to Omniyon, LaundryBoard and CrewBoard, we will be featuring our IT solution Echo, for the management and safeguarding of technical system data. We will also be launching a new product TrueSync - a truly unique email server that delivers on a superyacht level.

To book a demonstration or find out more about any of the products that will be on display contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you. Find us at Stand DSE 8 - Darse Sud Exterieur, right by La Rascasse.

MYS General Layout.jpeg

YachtCloud supports the Blue Marine Foundation


We are delighted to announce that YachtCloud is an official sponsor of the BLUE is the new BLACK - London to Monaco Finish Line Party!

We are proud supporters of the Blue Marine Foundation and strive within our work to do what we can for this great cause. We are currently working on a new product in line with Annex V of the Marpol Convention in relation to the prevention of pollution caused by garbage from Ships. A product we believe will support vessels in achieving the aim.

For more information on the Blue Marine Foundation please visit their website.

The BLUE is the new BLACK - London to Monaco Finish Line Party! is being hosted by Icon Connect and takes place on Tuesday 26th September in Monaco.




Vacancy - Bookkeeper: ONE (32 hours / week)

Bookkeeper: ONE (32 hours / week)

Job Description:

  • Code, control and process purchase and sales invoices with a greater focus on purchase administration
  • Process expenses
  • Prepare payments
  • Bank administration
  • Financial control with regard to complete administration plus reporting
  • Work related to periodic financial returns
  • Control and discussion in relation to holding accounts
  • Production of a wide range of financial overviews



  • Minimum MBO (A Level) work and think level
  • Relevant work experience is essential
  • Good command of Dutch and preferably also English language
  • Knowledge of book keeping / accountancy systems, for example Accountview
  • Good command of Excel


  • Independent, precise, accurate, pro-active, flexible and excellent communication skills

What you can expect

Working for ONE means being part of an innovative, customer-focused organization where the stakes are high. You will receive the unique opportunity to work on innovative, exclusive and unique solutions as well as the chance to develop yourself in a fast-growing team. We offer competitive terms of employment.

Featured Vacancy - Administrator / Controller (jr) 32-40 hours / week: ONE

Administrator / Controller (jr) - 32-40 hours / week

Job Description:

This role is predominantly one based on tactical, analytical and strategic thinking. Your role is to implement and improve the outlined strategic path in terms of project efficiency, finance and control. In addition to ensuring on-time and accurate reporting, a key and important task will be the implementation and delivery of accurate, on-time and complete data and details related to Project Control. Your work will be aimed at achieving and securing structure and efficiency within the organization.  You will therefore have a lot of contact with and work closely with the Project Managers.

  • Create and improve monthly accounts, project control, weekly reports, KPI’s, ad hoc reports, cash flow overviews / long and short term company capital / assets
  • Carry out tax and VAT returns
  • All work related to Financial Year End
  • Secure, implement and improve administrative organization and internal control
  • The ability to work across a broad spectrum of company activities and co-ordinate company operations


  • HBO (Degree) work and think level 
  • Relevant work experience
  • Knowledge of Salary administration is a prerequisite
  • Knowledge of VAT rules and regulations for foreign transactions is a pre-requisite
  • Experience with Accountview is essential
  • Excellent command of Excel is essential
  • Excellent command of English and German is a pre-requisite
  • Strong communication skills


  • Independent, precise, driven, accurate, pro-active, flexible, excellent communication and analytical skills, strong team player

What you can expect

Working for ONE means being part of an innovative, customer-focused organization where the stakes are high. You will receive the unique opportunity to work on innovative, exclusive and unique solutions as well as the chance to develop yourself in a fast-growing team. We offer competitive terms of employment.

YachtCloud Launches New Product LaundryBoard

BAB_LaundryBoard_Logo_Reverse_CMYK copy.jpg

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of LaundryBoard which facilitates crew in monitoring, tracking and handling laundry loads. With LaundryBoard onboard crew can manage, log and track every item of yacht and guest laundry via an easy to use programme specifically developed for the yachting industry. It records and alerts crew to garment care requirements as well as providing dry cleaning status tracking and automated notifications related to overdue items.

Unlike some app-based laundry management products on the market, LaundryBoard runs off a secure onboard server with a local network and a dedicated laundry-based iPad. It does not require an internet connection or data usage, data entered does not leave the vessel and updates and amendments within the product are instant. LaundryBoard is fully customisable to suit the laundry requirements per trip, guest, garment, cabin and user.  Authorised crew log in via the onboard iPad to gain full access to all current and previous laundry records and information. All items can be photographed for easier identification and to show any damage and stains. Further details can also be logged such as details on fabric handling. The need for actual product tagging is eliminated resulting in reduced risk of damage or permanent flaws to clothing / linen. Notes can be added to each item to assist with sharing information and recording any special care or client requests.

With a complete overview of the current status of each item including details and photos related to pre-damaged items, LaundryBoard ensures that managing multiple laundry loads and following special care instructions or guest specific requirements is efficient and effective. As all information and user entries are logged, accountability is guaranteed, product handling errors are minimised and sharing vital information is seamless. LaundryBoard saves crew time and money and increases productivity.

LaundryBoard has been developed together with yacht interior crew to create a truly fit-for-purpose solution. It is fast, effective, simple and easy to use. It features a pre-installed list of certain brands helping to fast track product data input. The product’s multiple reporting system means that status reports can be generated for active and past laundry per trip with a full record of all entered data available. Delivery notes can be generated for dry cleaning and the automated notifications and reminders ensure all items remain on schedule.

“We are delighted to be launching yet another product that really provides a sought-after solution. LaundryBoard stems from a direct request from crew. We were tasked with developing a product that would help manage the associated handling and time consuming issues related to onboard laundry especially during busy charter and owner periods. The product has been fine tuned to really meet actual onboard demands and as such truly is a yacht worthy solution,” explains Andre Klepper, YachtCloud Founder.

“A smoothly run laundry requires vital information to be recorded and monitored effectively. Being able to customise garment details and review laundry actions easily and efficiently through LaundryBoard has ensured that we are always delivering a quality laundry service. Since we have been using LaundryBoard we have seen a significant increase in our productivity. On average, during charter, we are saving approximately one hour a day and the entire laundry management and handover across shifts has been seamless. LaundryBoard is an essential onboard tool for an accountable yacht interior and we are delighted with it.”  Lauren Penrose, 88m Motor Yacht.

For more information please click here

ONE & YachtCloud Team BBQ

Summer days call for summer treats so last night we headed out for a Team BBQ.  A chance for everyone to get together, socialize, eat great food and just enjoy - away from the office. It's been such a busy few weeks (months in fact) and with so many of us traveling out to various projects, a chance to bring everyone together was welcomed, fun and refreshing! 


Naturally, like everything we do at ONE & YachtCloud, it wasn't without a challenge or two...after days of glorious BBQ weather, last night the heavens opened! But nothing was set to dampen the spirits, solutions were found and a great evening was had by all!  Thank you to Arjan and Andre for the event and to all those involved in the organisation. Another brilliant team event!