Team Building on the Slopes

All work and no play?  Absolutely not....

Willingen (36).jpg

After months of hard work on major product developments and project implementations, the long awaited weekend on the slopes for the ONE and YachtCloud teams was a huge success.  

The team and their partners left the flat lands of the Netherlands for the mountains of Willingen in Germany for a weekend away. With time on the slopes, time to themselves, time for apres-ski plus plenty of on and off the piste activities, this was an action packed 2 and half days designed to bring the team together as a thank you for their continued support, hard work and commitment.  A chance to have some fun and let off some steam.

For some it was an opportunity to try something new and learn a new skill whilst getting to know the rest of the team a little better. For those more experienced in skiing or snowboarding it was a chance to sharpen their skills and enjoy some time-out with their colleagues. Now fully refreshed from the mountain air, if not a little tired in the legs, the team is ready to take on the next challenge, however steep it may be!