YachtCloud launches range of Yacht Drones

YachtCloud's brand new webshop has gone live. The addition of their new range of must-have superyacht-worthy underwater and aerial drones is official! Robust, powerful and innovative the PowerEye and the PowerRay offer cutting edge technology and immersive experiences to venture beyond and capture the world around you from every perspective.

New Webshop - Where?

yachtdrones.eu is where you can find out everything you need to know about these impressive drones now available through YachtCloud, exclusively for the yachting industry. We have carefully selected the PowerEye and PowerRay as must-have yacht products which perfectly align with our innovative vision and high standards. 

How to Buy?

Available to buy online via the webshop or by simply getting in touch with us directly, it couldn’t be easier to start exploring, capturing and venturing beyond, wherever you are in the world. The YachtDrones products are shipped within 24 hours of receipt of payment and come complete with the associated accessories. They even ship free of charge within Europe.

What Type of Drones?


PowerRay -  What lies beneath

Truly immerse in the underwater world with this submersible drone. Capture aqua fun, dive sites, fishing spots, explore and inspect. All without getting your toes wet.

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PowerEye  - Prepare to venture beyond

Foldable, lightweight and easy to carry this high performance compact aerial drone will revolutionize how you capture and engage with the world and views around you.

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To find out about these must-have yacht drones and to visit our webshop go to: https://www.yachtdrones.eu or contact us