ZENS PuK3 Wireless Charger Exclusively Through YachtCloud in the Marine Industry

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Enjoy Wireless Charging Everywhere On Board

The PuK3 creates wireless charging spots. It eliminates the need for unsightly charging cables and searching for adaptors and plug sockets. Simply place your device on top of the ‘zone’ and charging starts automatically.

The PuK3 is now available exclusively through YachtCloud for the marine and yachting industry.

How does it Work?

The PuK3 uses inductive charging, the most commonly used method of wireless charging available today. It is compatible with any device which uses the wireless Qi standard, such as smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. It can be built-in or-on to furniture or surfaces creating an invisible or visible finish. It also features:

  • 15 watt output
  • Battery protection
  • Fast charging
  • One big charging coil
  • Automatic device detection 
  • Designed to withstand liquids spills
  • CE, FCC, UL and Qi certified
  • For yachts using iBeacon technology, an iBeacon can be fitted to the PuK3 for automatic power connection.


The PuK3 is sold as a stand alone unit. Installation is carried out by the end user or their nominated installer. For an invisible finish, the PuK3 is built-in from the underside of the furniture leaving no visible indication on the outer surface (unless expressly marked). For a visible finish, the PuK3 unit is placed in a cut out made in the surface of the furniture. This is covered with a disc which is available in a number of standard colours or bespoke finishes to work with your interior.


What is Qi?

It is the most widely adopted global wireless power standard. There are more than 1300 Qi types of devices which can be charged wirelessly. Qi has been adopted by many of the leading technology manufacturers and ZENS products are being used in corporate, residential and commercial applications worldwide. Wireless charging is set to become the new charging standard of the future for the marine and superyacht industries. To find out if your phone is Qi enabled click here.  More information about Qi certification can be found here. 

About ZENS

ZENS develops state-of-the-art wireless charging innovations that aim to improve quality of life. This Dutch company is a well established name in consumer, corporate, commercial and furniture markets. ZENS products perfectly align with YachtCloud’s innovative vision and high standards.

Go Wireless

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